Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Skittles Observations

In a small wavy container, the colours looked like a chessboard.  It looks like windows. The green skittle looks like it's turned yellow when the colour all went off. Around the purple skittle it looks like a purple bruise. It looks like two colourful dominoes, because they are all in squares. The colours didn't blend much- it looked like a wall and the colour stayed in its spot.

It looks like a triangle pattern. It looks like a ball. It looks like a pizza. It looks like a rainbow ferris wheel. It looks like a colourful portal. The group put the skittles on the side in this pattern, and all the colours made the triangles. The colours meet like a wall in between.

 There is a skittle in the middle not just on the outside so the colours didn't form full triangles, they formed full triangles. It looks like a colourful ball but it's just in water, it isn't real. Each skittle has got white  around it. 

Skittles Science #2

by Emilia

Monday, 16 October 2017

Sorting shapes

We are learning about shapes, and today we sorted them in different ways. Here is the way Alexandra did her sorting.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Wearable Art

Here are some Room 11 photos from the Wearable Arts Parade. Well done, Demi and Piper, Meg and Eve. Great to see your work on display in the foyer now!

Wearable Art- Meg

Friday, 22 September 2017

Reading in Room 11

We have lots of reading choices in Room 11. Here are some photos of children really concentrating on their reading- either by themselves, or with a friend.
 We have got lots of little readers we can choose from.
 We have chapter books we can choose from in the school library, or we can bring them from home.
 We have been taking Aylesbury home for weekends all year, and we can read about his adventures.
 Sometimes we can read the same journal that a friend is reading. 
 We are good at concentrating on chapter books.

 We have got published stories from our class that we can read.

 We like to read many different kinds of books.
We have our class poems to read and they are good for sharing.

Come and read with us one day!