Saturday, 4 November 2017

Domino snakes - maths

These drawings show some of the domino snakes Jack made for maths. We had to use three dominoes, and use ten dots altogether. (We didn't make the dominoes match on the ends this time.)
We'll be doing more about this. We'll try and see how easy it is to make snakes if the numbers on the ends have to match like in a real dominoes game. We'll also change the number of dots we have to use. How will we be sure when we have found all the options?

Discovery time

We had all sorts of activities going on during our last discovery time. Here are just a few photos...
Sheets, chairs, and pegs were used to make this huge tent in Rm11.

 Big chalks were outside for drawing, and guess what? Some people drew cats!!!
 The little tent was outside, and lunch was served from the nearby kitchen!
 Great fun was had riding the trolleys down the ramp outside Room 14.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Daily Five in Room 11

We have made some changes in how our reading programme is organised. Everyone has to do their Daily Five each day, and often the children get to choose the order they do things in.
Here is a draft version of the card that we use each day. (The final version has more photos on!) We put pegs on the items we have done.
Here are a few of the activities we do.
Here is Piper's book box for reading. She has put some library books and some favourite books from home in it. Sometimes she reads these books by herself- Read to Self- and sometimes she reads to someone else- Read to Someone.
Some of the children have brought their own box from home already, and they have decorated them for themselves. We will be buying some more boxes shortly for the middle team, but if you have a spare box at home, the children do love decorating their own individual ones.
These two children are working on their handwriting (on the Must Do list today) and Spelling- which comes under "Word Work".
 These two children are listening to stories from the website
This is one way we can 'Listen to Reading'.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Water and Leisure

We are finding out about water and leisure at the moment. Here are some pictures drawn by Weihan, Charlotte and Meg.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Skittles Observations

In a small wavy container, the colours looked like a chessboard.  It looks like windows. The green skittle looks like it's turned yellow when the colour all went off. Around the purple skittle it looks like a purple bruise. It looks like two colourful dominoes, because they are all in squares. The colours didn't blend much- it looked like a wall and the colour stayed in its spot.

It looks like a triangle pattern. It looks like a ball. It looks like a pizza. It looks like a rainbow ferris wheel. It looks like a colourful portal. The group put the skittles on the side in this pattern, and all the colours made the triangles. The colours meet like a wall in between.

 There is a skittle in the middle not just on the outside so the colours didn't form full triangles, they formed full triangles. It looks like a colourful ball but it's just in water, it isn't real. Each skittle has got white  around it. 

Skittles Science #2

by Emilia